Miami Project Art Fair Recap

Miami Project Dec 3-8 2013 Wynwood Art District

Miami Project Dec 3-8 2013 Wynwood Art District

Miami Project's Complex

SVA Galleries Space Entrance (Photograph by Jocelyne Gilead)

December, 2013 Art Basel, Miami Beach, Florida: Nice warm weather and the atmosphere was full of excitement, this is a time when people around the world fly out to Miami to enjoy and participate in one of the most known international art fairs. Miami Project is also part of this excitement which takes place in Miami’s  Wynwood art district.

The SVA Galleries space was located in area #903 within the Miami Project’s complex. There the works from Ilona Szwarc, Mark De Wilde, Cassandra Levine, Jocelyne Gilead, Anna Beeke, Wyatt Mills, Frederick Paxton, Bradford Kessler,  and Randhy Rodriguez (me) were being shown to the event’s goers. Please visit Randhy Rodriguez Photography on Facebook for additional photographs from the event, here. And if you like what you see please feel free to leave a comment and like the page. Thank you!

Left to right, works from Frederick Paxton, Anna Beeke and Wyatt Mills

Left to right, works from Anna Beeke, Wyatt Mills, Ilona Szwarc and Mark De Wilde

Left to right, works from Mark De Wilde and Randhy Rodriguez (me)

Left to right, works from Randhy Rodriguez (me,) Bradford Kessler and Jocelyne Gilead

Left to right, works from Jocelyne Gilead and Cassandra Levine

by Randhy Rodriguez