A Book On Living History

New York City, January 01, 2015; It is my pleasure to announce the publication of “New York City’s Oldest Restaurant, Bars and Bakeries – A Book on Living History.”

SUNNY'S [1880's-1890] 253 Conover Street 

NATHAN'S FAMOUS [1916] 1310 Surf Avenue 

“21” CLUB [1930] 21 West 52nd Street 

It has been many years since the original concept to final fruition of the project by Mr. Ronald Porcelli and myself. Based on our experiences, a book that celebrates this aspect of New York history is unique and valuable in the way of preserving institutions that are vital part of our rich culture. Far too many times, these classic eateries go unnoticed and lack the patronizing that is required to sustain existence. 

KEENS STEAKHOUSE [1885] 72 West 36 Street

DELMONICO'S [1891] 56 Beaver Street 

EAR INN [used as a bar as early as 1835] 326 Spring Street

For more information about the book please see; The Origins of Living History 
To purchase the book please visit; Library Tales Publishing or Amazon

Ronald Porcelli is an alumnus of the School of Visual Arts, and a lifelong student of New York’s history. His work includes the illustrated works of Edgar Allan Poe, Published by Lantern Press. Porcelli is the author of two books: “Tanking the A Train,” “Taking the 4 Train” and two works of fiction.



Randhy Rodriguez is a New York based photographer who specializes in architecture, landscape, portraiture and conceptual photography. Rodriguez holds a Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts. Rodriguez has eight years of experience as a designer in the field of high-end residential, institutional, and commercial architecture, which contributes a strong photographic and compositional skill to his photography.

by Randhy Rodriguez