Meet Glenn Reed

The Artist in His Natural Environment 

Glenn Reed, Scupltor

Glenn Reed, Scupltor

Glenn Reed is a New York based artist who specializes in abstract sculpture. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Reed while working with Manjari Sharma on her solo exhibition called Darshan. Recently, I visited Mr. Reed’s studio in Brooklyn, NY and there I had the opportunity of photographing part of his most recent body of work.

Work Samples

In most of Mr. Reed’s sculptures he prefers to work with metal, glass and wires. I suspect that the reason so, is because of the endless forms and shapes he can create with these materials.

In addition to being a talented sculptor, Mr. Reed is an avid sailor with many years of experience. Last year I had the pleasure of going on one of Mr. Reed’s sailing trips along Long Island. 

Sailing Images

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by Randhy Rodriguez