New Space Upgrade / The Secret Lives of Buildings

Featuring Marc Yankus' fine art photography exhibition titled "The Secret Lives of Buildings."

Exciting news happening at ClampArt! 

ClampArt, like pioneers, are forging a new neighborhood, and designing a new formula for how works are seen and sold. 

Recently, ClampArt opened their new gallery space located at 247 West 29th Street, New York City. The new space is a major upgrade, measuring four times the amount of square footage since their previous location. ClampArt now has a mezzanine and nineteen-foot ceilings, which allows them to exhibit works of a larger scale than they previously could. More importantly, the new location is highly accessible, standing nearby two main subway lines. 

Marc Yankus’ latest solo show, “The Secret Lives of Buildings,” is currently on display at ClampArt until November 26, 2016. 

“In some ways this work is capturing a historical record of the city....between documentation and fiction.”  Marc Yankus

Creative Freedom

As I create an architectural freehand sketch on paper, I feel a sense of creative freedom that is intrinsic to that medium. I enjoy the creative process of architecture, and now, as a photographer I have been in search of that feeling.

As a result, the closest freehand sketch sensation I have ever gotten through the creation of an image using the camera is in this photograph.

Feature Shoot

35 Voyeuristic Photos of People on Public Transport Around the World

5th Avenue and 42nd Street, Bryant Park in Manhattan

I am very happy to announce that one of my photographs from “Sub conscious way” has been highlighted on Feature Shoot, “35 Voyeuristic Photos of People on Public Transport Around the World.” 

For more details about this work please click here!

The Bright Sukkah

The Bright Sukkah

My neighborhood has a strong Hasidic Jewish community and during the seven-day event called Sukkot many Sukkah huts built out of different materials (predominantly of wood) on roofs and balconies can be seen throughout the area. However, this particular one is by far the most interesting of them all, which lives atop of the building that sits right in front of my apartment's window.

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by Randhy Rodriguez