Meet Martin Chaddock

Chaddock's Performance at the Greenwich Village Comedy Club

Greenwich Village Comedy Club, New York City, March 5, 2014; Martin Chaddock, a New York based comedian is returning to the spot light after a year off due to a stroke. 

Martin was exposed to show business from an early age since his father took over a restaurant that had photos of the top comedians of that era; Don Rickles, Shecky Greene, Henny Youngman, Morey Amsterdam to name a few. Martin became enamored when he would see these comedians as guests on the Johnny Carson show.

Chaddock, standing outside the Greenwich Village Comedy Club entrance

As Martin got older, his father’s business expanded to live entertainment and music. Martin knew that he wanted to be a part of it, therefore, he took guitar lessons. Eventually, he realized he didn't have what it takes to hit it as big as his music idols and he fell into comedy accidentally and never looked back. 

Today, Martin is continuing to sharpen his craft as a stand-up comedian. He is back and strong, and his return debut at the Greenwich Village Comedy Club proved exactly that. The international crowd was entertained and charged by Martin’s witty and smart jokes. In conclusion, Martin as well as a variety of other comedians put on a brilliant show.


Martin's Top Three Proudest Moments 

  1. Producing the Sheila Witkin Memorial Reunion concert in 2007 and 2008
  2. Producing Nationwide Comedy Tour
  3. Motivation he got from an old girlfriend after arguing about her missing his show (According to Martin, his performance after the argument was his best ever and that feeling never left.)

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