Meet Judy Rosenblatt

Judy Rosenblatt standing next to her work

Calumet Gallery, New York City, December 23: Today, I was visiting the Calumet Gallery to obtain photographs and dimensions of the space in preparation for the upcoming show called "Natural Selection."

A wonderful lady by the name of Judy Rosenblatt approached me and asked if I was there to photograph the space for the New York City Sierra Club Photography Committee. My answer was no, I was there for a different purpose. Judy looked at me with a smile on her face and said something like, “oh, that is unfortunate because I am not sure if someone from the NYC Sierra Club Committee is doing that and the show will close the 27th of this month.” We continued to talk for 30 minutes or so, and realized that we had many things in common. I was compelled by her happiness and immediate friendship. Fortunately for Judy, I just could not say no to such a lovely person.

2013: Encounters with Nature, December 3–27

Exhibition Space Images

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