New Space Upgrade / The Secret Lives of Buildings

Featuring Marc Yankus' fine art photography exhibition titled "The Secret Lives of Buildings."

Exciting news happening at ClampArt! 

ClampArt, like pioneers, are forging a new neighborhood, and designing a new formula for how works are seen and sold. 

Recently, ClampArt opened their new gallery space located at 247 West 29th Street, New York City. The new space is a major upgrade, measuring four times the amount of square footage since their previous location. ClampArt now has a mezzanine and nineteen-foot ceilings, which allows them to exhibit works of a larger scale than they previously could. More importantly, the new location is highly accessible, standing nearby two main subway lines. 

Marc Yankus’ latest solo show, “The Secret Lives of Buildings,” is currently on display at ClampArt until November 26, 2016. 

“In some ways this work is capturing a historical record of the city....between documentation and fiction.”  Marc Yankus

Wayne White's Cubist Cardboard Civil War Puppets

Rag-tag Confederate Soldier Sculpture

New York City, March 5, 2015; Wayne White’s “Cubist Cardboard Civil War Puppets” were originally created for an installation called “Foe” in York, Pennsylvania in 2014. This installation is about the invasion of York, Pennsylvania by rebel forces right before Gettysburg. The art pieces are representations of the Rag-tag confederate soldiers that looted the town for new shoes, food and other goods.

During the “Art on Paper” art fair, which took place this month in New York City on Pier 36, Mr. White showcased these art pieces. They are large and elaborate (with interactive movable parts) cardboard sculptures, the largest measuring approximately 20’ high by 30’ long. These cardboard sculptures were the heart of the fair, visible from various key locations within the complex.

In addition to being a successful artist, Mr. White is a very kind and friendly person. 

On my way to the “Art on Paper” opening reception, right off the train, I walked into a snow blizzard. Visibility was low and it was difficult to see which direction to walk to the fair. I asked a few locals on the street, but some did not speak English and the ones that did had no idea what I was talking about. Mr. White was also on his way there, passed me and overheard the conversation.

“Come with me I am walking there,” Mr. White said to me.

It is winter, so, I could not possibly recognize him until he told me his name. Little did he know, I am a fan of his work and also a blogger. His personality and originality set him apart.  

Installation Photographs

To view additional photographs of this event please click HERE!

The Making of 3rd Rail

Foley Gallery, New York City, January 21, 2015; Opening of 3rd Rail by artist Clay Patrick McBride

Wednesday night, an exciting evening on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Clay Patrick McBride brings to light his most anticipated exhibition yet. The show has a sense of danger, darkness and captivating power. Mr. McBride’s recent body of work about New York City’s underworld represents a conflict in his conscious comparable to being stuck in purgatory, a dark place of uncertainty that he had to go through and come out. 

"3rd rail is a must see event that is raw, expressive and powerful."  

Mr. McBride’s art installation is analogous to how we see through glass and doors opening and closing in the subway. He uses the storefront glass as another surface layer in front of his large wheat-paste black and white photographs measuring up to four by eight feet long. All pieces are one of a kind, achieved by scratching the edges and treating their surfaces. The display resembles a giant tiled black granite wall that was meant to inhibit the space.

3rd Rail is on view through February 22nd. Foley Gallery is open Wednesday – Sunday, 12:00 - 6:00 pm. Please see Press Release for additional information. 

About CPMcB

NYC-based photographer Clay Patrick McBride began his visual training in the South of France, where he spent his late teens and early twenties studying painting and art history. He eventually turned his focus to photography, moving to New York City in the early 1990s to attend the School of Visual Arts. While earning his BFA, McBride developed a bold style of portraiture intended to both celebrate and empower the subject with humor and honesty.

McBride’s portraits of top athletes and musicians such as LeBron James, Allen Iverson, Norah Jones, Jay Z, and Kanye West have appeared in countless magazines, among them Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated and Parade. His commercial work includes dozens of album covers for Sony, Blue Note and Atlantic Records, as well as print campaigns for Pontiac, Boost Mobile and Nike. The past few years have seen McBride expand into moving pictures with a number of short film projects and music videos. Characterized by a stark surrealist quality, his film work is an exciting and logical extension of his still photography. Current productions include The Incredible Exploding Boy, an autobiographical feature that explores father-son relationships, insanity and addiction.

In 2013, McBride earned his Masters in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts – where he has also served as an instructor for nearly 10 years. McBride currently resides in Rochester NY and is a professor at the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology.  

Based on CPMcB's Recent Work

SVA Subway Poster Advertisements (1 of 3)

SVA subway Poster Advertisements (2 of 3)

SVA subway Poster Advertisements (3 of 3)

Feature Shoot

35 Voyeuristic Photos of People on Public Transport Around the World

5th Avenue and 42nd Street, Bryant Park in Manhattan

I am very happy to announce that one of my photographs from “Sub conscious way” has been highlighted on Feature Shoot, “35 Voyeuristic Photos of People on Public Transport Around the World.” 

For more details about this work please click here!

Castell Photography Gallery: 2014 NEXT

2014 “NEXT” New Photographic Visions

5th Avenue and 42nd Street, Bryant Park in Manhattan

With great pleasure, I would like to announce that one of my art pieces from “Sub conscious way” will be included in an upcoming group exhibition at Castell Photography Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina called “NEXT” New Photographic Visions. The exhibition dates are November 07, 2014 through December 20, 2014. (Opening Reception: November 7, 2014 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.)

Exhibiting artists include:

Ben Altman, Bina Altera, Sheri Lynn Behr, Christopher Borrok, Debi Cornwall, Sharron Diedrichs, KK DePaul, Francisco Diaz, Deb Young, Fran Forman, Juno Gemes, Ray Grasse, Lavonne Hall, Jessica Hines, Bilo Hussein, Ellen Jantzen, Michael Jantzen, Sarah Jun, Won Kim, Karen KlinedinstDavid Shannon, Ben Marcin, Jennifer Mcclure, Jim McKinniss, Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Jessica Owen, Randhy Rodriguez, Donna RosserMark Roussel, Andi Schreiber, Magdalena Sole, and Kevin Wo.

Visual Arts Journal Publication

New York City, October 16, 2014; I am honored to announce that my work was published in the ‘Visual Arts Journal’ Fall 2014, along with notes in the Alumni Exhibitions section regarding my two group exhibitions along with other very talented artists.

For more information please see the following blog titles: Wondrous Indeed and Natural Selection

Shut Eye: Lenscratch Exhibition

Photographs of people sleeping or with their eyes closed…

"Hot Summer Day" from Body of Work Amanda

I am pleased to announce that one of my images has been featured in Lenscratch’s “Shut Eye” online Exhibition. For more details please click here!

About the Photograph

This photograph was taken in Brooklyn, New York during one of the few hot summer days we got this year (2014.) Amanda was feeling very uncomfortable because she was near the end of her pregnancy and the heat was not helping. Therefore, I opened all the windows in our apartment to get some cross ventilation. She leaned back to a corner in our bedroom to feel the breeze come in. I wanted to photograph the sunset, but the light was far more interesting in our bedroom.

This photograph contains lots of symbols (pregnant, dream catcher, shadow on the neck, head + arms + hands position, color of the shirt, and the warmth of the image) which were not intended. The reality is, I only saw a beautiful woman when I looked through the viewfinder and pressed the shutter button to make this photograph.

From this accomplishment, I would like to introduce my new body of work in progress which is titled “Amanda” after my beautiful wife.


August 2014; Fort Pond Bay, Montauk NY 

Since getting the wonderful news of her pregnancy, Amanda fantasized of the idea of going to Fort Pond Bay to submerge herself in the calm waters and sense weightlessness. Feeling that her body is changing, movements becoming more restricted and knowing that the window for baby and mom to be together as one floating in the bay is closing, the fantasy became a strong desire.

She had been wanting to do this for the past eight months, and when it happened; it was magical!

Amanda and I have been together for over 9 years, and my camera has been beside me for the majority of this time capturing moments I want to remember. The first time I met Amanda was through a professional studio portrait on a computer screen.  Although, her profile picture was beautiful, it did not say much about her character other than the obvious. My first words to her were “You are beautiful!” to which she replied “You are not bad yourself!”

I truly enjoy making photographs of people, especially of Amanda because I am in love with her beauty and fascinated with her face. During our early days, Amanda was never too fond of photography. In fact, she did not want me to take portraits of her. During this time, she began to love me and with that I earned her trust.

Love taught me how to feel every portrait, and time sharpened my senses for the kinds of photographs I wanted to make. Although, at times her patience can be fleeting, I have managed to capture the beauty I am in love with.

And so, this new body of work is from my vast collection of portraits of love for my beautiful wife, Amanda.

“Alter Egos” Mark Beard’s Solo Exhibition

ClampArt Gallery, New York City, September 11, 2014; Opening reception of “Alter Egos” by artist Mark Beard, curated by Brian Paul Clamp. 

Thursday night, a lovely September evening to be out in Chelsea admiring great works of art by top contemporary artists. 

Mark Beard is an artist whose smart and playful creativity literally manifests in the form of different characters. His solo exhibition titled “Alter Egos” is a cohesive show containing many different scales, techniques, eras and styles of painting as Bruce Sargeant, Hippolyte-Alexandre Michallon, Edith Thayer Cromwell, Brechtholt Streeruwitz, Peter Coulter, Beard Beard, Buggereau, and Princess Ormolu. Although, he works with a diverse selection of models, in many of his paintings their faces have perhaps an intentional common appearance. Moreover, the presentation of the show was professional and well executed. The show’s success comes from connecting the title to the body of work and knowing about the artist. The beauty of this understanding adds a sense of humor to the show, a clever way of the artist communicating with his audience. 

The gallery’s atmosphere was exciting, people were there specifically to celebrate and buy many of Mr. Beard’s art pieces. 

In conclusion, the opening reception was well received by a large group of people (celebrities, friends, fellow artists and show goers) in attendance. From beginning to end of the night, the gallery was completely filled with people enjoying themselves, snacks, libations and of course great conversations. I would rate the overall experience highly and recommend it to others. 

The show will remain on view through October 11th.  
ClampArt Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday, 10 – 6pm.  

Please view opening reception images "here" and like my Facebook page! 

About The Artist

Mark Beard

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1956, Mark Beard is a well-established artist living in New York City with artworks in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City; the Museum of Modern Art, New York City; the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, Connecticut; Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut; Princeton University, New Jersey; among many, many others. (C.A.)


Mr. Beard is a versatile artist who channels his creativity through multiple mediums. In his Hell’s Kitchen open space studio, Mr. Beard creates and stores a large collection of his work including sculptures, upholsteries, photographs, paintings and more.

After spending time with Mr. Beard, I noticed a few interesting things about him that can be traced to his success. He is very involved in the installation of his work from designing custom details of frames to assembling his work on site. In addition, he is the kind of artist who would work on a painting until he feels that is ready, meaning that he is willing to work on a particular piece for many months or even years if necessary.

Press Release

Brian Paul Clamp

Brian Paul Clamp

ClampArt is pleased to announce “Mark Beard: Alter Egos”—the artist’s fourth solo show at the gallery.

A visit to Mark Beard’s studio is akin to discovering Michelangelo’s lair: oil paintings cover the walls; life drawings are scattered on the tops of tables nestled at the feet of heroic bronzes; and ceramics and architectural maquettes abound—virtuosity in every medium. But then it gets even more interesting. Beard’s talents and artistic energy are in such abundance that over twenty years back he began channeling his creative output into a variety of alter egos. The persona of “Bruce Sargeant” was the first conceived—an imaginary British artist born in 1898 and a contemporary of such intellectuals as E.M. Forster, Rupert Brooke, and John Sloan. Then came Sargeant’s teacher, Hippolyte-Alexandre Michallon (1849-1930), a 19th-century French Academician. The fraternity continued to grow with other students of Michallon’s, such as Edith Thayer Cromwell (1893-1962), an American avant-garde painter and close friend of Sargeant’s; in addition to Brechtholt Streeruwitz (1890-1973), a troubled German Expressionist and arch-rival of Beard’s original alter ego. Mark Beard is certainly unprecedented, but not singular. Accomplished in every medium, he is more than a complete artist—he is now at least eight or nine, working in as many distinct and unique styles.

Alter Egos” at ClampArt is a showcase of works by Beard’s first five personae—Bruce Sargeant (1898-1938), Hippolyte-Alexandre Michallon (1849-1930), Edith Thayer Cromwell (1893-1962), Brechtholt Streeruwitz (1890-1973), and contemporary African-American painter Peter Coulter (b. 1948). However, recently more artists have emerged, and the exhibition will feature paintings by Beard’s newest personalities, including the Hudson River School painter Beard Beard (b. 1885), the queer contemporary figure Buggereau (b. 1956), and transsexual graffiti artist Princess Ormolu (b. 1979).

Road Trip: Lenscratch Exhibition

I am very happy to announce that one of my images has been featured in Lenscratch’s Road Trip online Exhibition. For more details please click here!

About the Photograph

This photograph was taken on route 78 in Warren, New Jersey during a strong snow storm. It was a disturbing accident, where the car in front of us lost control and caused a snow ball effect disaster involving at least fifty cars. As I remember, this accident occurred at slow speed, but could not be controlled due to the weather conditions. The collective force of mangled metal running down hill was analogous to a river going down stream. From this unfortunate event, I managed to capture this photograph which I titled “Dead River Rd” after the overpass above the accident.


Purchased by Private Collector

I am thrilled to announce that I sold another one of my prints from my body of work “Sub conscious way” to a private collector.

In this photograph, I am inspecting the work before it goes to another facility for a custom frame finish. Measuring at 60” wide x 22.5” tall, it is the largest size available from this series. In addition, there are other smaller sizes available for sale. Please contact me at for additional information. 

Yumiko Kayukawa 'Year of the Fire Horse'

Kayukawa's Solo Show at Foley Gallery

FOLEY Gallery

FOLEY Gallery

Foley Gallery, New York City, June 11, 2014; Opening reception of Year of the Fire Horse by painter Yumiko Kayukawa Curated by Michael Foley

Year of the Fire Horse, Kayukawa’s first solo show at Foley Gallery, an intimate place where one can enjoy art closely and move through the showrooms on a rhythm perfectly curated with pauses in between. Foley said, “With Year of the Fire horse, I was looking for a nice balance of spiritual reckoning and tough girl grit. Yumiko's work has many layers, they are complex. I always find something new in them." I am the type of person who loves to look at art of skilled artists and Yumiko Kayukawa’s work is heaven for this penchant. Her paintings are colorful, playful and finely detailed of captivating figures and elegant patterns which all together deliver the message.

As written in the press release: Year of the Fire Horse (Hinoe Uma) continues Kayukawa’s exploration of pop culture, western fashion and the animal kingdom - all fused together with references to traditional Japanese customs and iconography.  Employing a traditional Ukiyo-e pallet with a contemporary Manga style of painting, Kayukawa delicately balances personal narrative with fantastical natural scenes.

In conclusion, the opening reception was well received by the people in attendance who kept coming constantly by groups to enjoy the show and have a great time with friends and meeting new people. I would rate the overall experience highly and recommend it to others. The show will remain on view through July 12th.  Foley Gallery is open Wednesday – Sunday, 12 – 6pm.  To request images; please contact the gallery at 212.244.9081 or

About the Artist

Kayukawa grew up in the small town of Naie in Hokkaido, Japan. In her pristine and natural surroundings, Kayukawa found her love of animals and nature, which later became an important theme of her work. Throughout the years, Kayukawa has found inspiration from American pop culture such as Rock & Roll, film and fashion. Kayukawa's unique style arose from the fusion of these influential sectors of American pop culture with modern and traditional Japanese motifs.

Kayukawa graduated from Bisen Art School in Sapporo, Japan and currently works and resides in Seattle, Washington.  She has shown her work extensively both nationally and abroad since her debut U.S. solo exhibition in 2001.


"Sugar-coated art with a sinister center"

Art by  LJ Lindhurst

Art by LJ Lindhurst

HERE Art Center, New York City, April 17, 2014; Opening reception of the art exhibition Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, curated by Dan Halm, a group exhibit expressed through a variety of mediums that at first glance appears to be benign and joyful, but the truth is darker and it sits deeper within each individual’s pieces. 

Dan Halm, Curator

Entrance to the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo exhibition

In my opinion, the opening reception was a success. The show experience gets enhanced by the smart layout plus the space itself starting from the exterior, walking west along the colorful and cheerful storefront toward the entrance, it psychologically sends a message to my mind that everything inside is consistent with the jovial façade. However, when the entrance opens, it is darker inside! The show gets its energy from the layout of the work. In fact, the layout provides each piece the right amount of space allowing people to congregate and engage with the art.  

Moreover, I briefly spoke with a few of the artists from whom I got insightful information about their work. 

Art by Richard Stauffacher, "Home, Sweet from his series Seventeen"

Show-goer enjoying free treats 

For instance, when I spoke with Richard Stauffacher about one of his pieces, Home, Sweet from his series Seventeen, a bell jar containing a pinky rat resting on a nest of bones topped by cotton candy, although this piece appears to be cute, there is a dark personal meaning behind his choices. He is tackling the tenuous and awkward relationship between pre-adult children and their parents through specific and formative moments of childhood.  Growing up, Stauffacher describes his father as hyper-masculine and initially hesitant of his son’s sexual orientation. For this reason, Stauffacher’s art is in response to his father and his own feelings during his adolescence. The pinky rat symbolizes offspring who are very vulnerable and dependent on their parents. The seventeen individual bones in his work mark the date of his father’s birthday, which was on the same date of the opening. He also spun cotton candy during the reception as a treat to viewers wrapped around bones (17 units only.) 

Video-art by Matt Bucy, Of Oz the Wizard

Matt Bucy, Artist

Show-goers entertained by the film

Another artist I had the pleasure of conversing with was Matt Bucy. His piece, Of Oz the Wizard consists of re-editing the film “Wizard of Oz” so that the dialog is rearranged alphabetically. Bucy says that the thought for this project happened two years prior from a conversation with a friend. However, after the initial conversation, he forgot about the project until the same friend asked him about it again. In order for Bucy to be fast and efficient, he developed his own computer algorithm to facilitate re-editing the film. 

The film was displayed on three screens laid next to each other horizontally and synchronized to play the same thing simultaneously. I am familiar with the “Wizard of Oz”, and as I watched Bucy’s re-edit, I found myself entertained and engaged with the film in an uncanny and abnormal way that is far from the original. 

In conclusion I would rate the overall experience highly and recommend it to others. 

Event Photographs

Art Photographs

Press Release

April 17 – May 24, 2014
Opening Reception, April 17, 5:00-7:00pm

HERE proudly presents Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, at HERE (145 Sixth Avenue) from April 17th – May 24th, Tuesday – Saturday 2:00-7:00pm. Curated by Dan Halm, the artists selected for this exhibition on the surface present cheery, candy-colored images but look a bit deeper and you’ll notice they are tackling darker, and in some cases sad themes of love, family, and self doubt. Whether it is Matt Bucy’s re-edit of the Wizard of Oz so that the film’s dialog comes out alphabetically, Gregg Louis’ wig sculptures, Richard Stauffacher’s cotton candy nests or Colleen Ford’s golden carrot hung just out of hand’s reach – these works are meant to delight and bring a smile to the viewer’s face and then after spending some time observing them, notice how dark they truly are. 

“The show takes its title from the beloved song that first appeared in the Walt Disney version of Cinderella,” says Halm, “But the phrase Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo also has a darker origin, as the name of the devil’s daughter in the story of “Bubnoff and the Devil” by Ivan Turgenev.  I love how something as sweet as the song can be rooted into something much bleaker, very much like the art selected for this exhibition; things aren’t as cheerful as they might first appear.”

Press contact: Kristin Marting / / 212-647-0202 x 320

To download the complete press release please click, HERE!

Visual Arts Journal Publication

New York City, April 10, 2014; I am extremely honored to announce that six of my photographs were recently published in the ‘Visual Arts Journal’ (VAJ) spring 2014, in a color commentary regarding my group exhibition along with eight other very talented artists represented by the SVA Galleries at the 2013 Miami Project art fair.

For more information please see the following blog title: Miami Project Recap

Moreover, the publication’s layout was flawless, beautifully designed, and in my opinion the flow from page to page was poetic. I am very satisfied with the spreads’ design to say the least. Its minimalistic quality uses white space as part of the design, and so it gives great importance to my photographs. 

I would like to thank the following people;  Ilona Szwarc, Mark De Wilde, Cassandra Levine, Jocelyne Gilead, Anna Beeke, Wyatt Mills, Frederick Paxton and Bradford Kessler for participating in this successful show. Last but not least, a special thanks to SVA Galleries’ project manager Dan Halm and team Miranda Pierce and Tyson Skross for organizing and coordinating such a professional show and VAJ’s editor Greg Herbowy for considering my documentary style photographs a perfect fit for the outstanding color commentary, “Behind the Booth: An inside Look at SVA’s Miami Project Installation.”

Meet Glenn Reed

The Artist in His Natural Environment 

Glenn Reed, Scupltor

Glenn Reed, Scupltor

Glenn Reed is a New York based artist who specializes in abstract sculpture. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Reed while working with Manjari Sharma on her solo exhibition called Darshan. Recently, I visited Mr. Reed’s studio in Brooklyn, NY and there I had the opportunity of photographing part of his most recent body of work.

Work Samples

In most of Mr. Reed’s sculptures he prefers to work with metal, glass and wires. I suspect that the reason so, is because of the endless forms and shapes he can create with these materials.

In addition to being a talented sculptor, Mr. Reed is an avid sailor with many years of experience. Last year I had the pleasure of going on one of Mr. Reed’s sailing trips along Long Island. 

Sailing Images

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by Randhy Rodriguez

Natural Selection Exhibition Opening Reception

Photograph by  Masha Ermak

Photograph by Masha Ermak

"Natural Selection" features the work of 16 emerging photographers from around the globe, and highlights the raw power of their vision as they address fears, insecurities, relationships, mourning, and personal turmoil. The exhibition, curated by NYC gallerist and educator Michael Foley, is on view February 20 through February 28 at the Calumet Photographic Gallery, 22 West 22nd Street in Manhattan. The opening reception will be on February 20 from 5:30pm until 7:30pm. Admission is free and open to the public.

In "Natural Selection," the artists explore the surface and subsurface of the New York subway system, its neighborhoods, music, and nightlife; envision humanity’s impact on the environment, capture urban destruction in China, and the life of a fisherman in Trinidad and Tobago; and address how we perceive ourselves through editorial photography, fine-art compositing, and surreal and deeply personal medical images. NATURAL SELECTION is a brave show that is born out of personal unrest and a yearning for change and evolution, while honoring common vulnerability and morality.

Calumet Gallery

Natural Selection
Fine Art Photography Exhibition
Curated by Michael Foley

On view: February 20th – March 1st

Reception: Thursday, February 20th, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Open Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 6:00 pm, 
Saturday 10:00 am – 5:30 pm. 
Closed Sunday.

Exhibiting Artists

Bina Altera, Elizabeth Harnarine, Imara Moore, Diana Kahrim, Shelly Au, Yannick Bindert, Clay Patrick McBride, Heather Meyers, Lavonne Hall, Vicente Muñoz, Masha Ermak, Anna Colliton, Dila Atay, Cana Atay, Stephanie Guttenplan, and Randhy Rodriguez (Me.)

Natural Selection: Exhibition Preparation

Architectural Influence

Architectural Floor Plan Sketch of Calumet Gallery Space

Calumet Gallery, New York City: My architectural practice has a major influence in my photography career. Recently, I was at the Calumet Gallery taking some overall dimensions of the space to prepare for the 2014 group exhibition called “Natural Selection” which comprises work from: Bina Altera, Elizabeth Harnarine, Imara Moore, Diana Kahrim, Shelly Au, Yannick Bindert, Clay Patrick McBride, Heather Meyers, Lavonne Hall, Vicente Muñoz, Masha Ermak, Anna Colliton, Dila Atay, Cana Atay, Stephanie Guttenplan, and Randhy Rodriguez (Me.) While I was there doing my work, I found myself using some of the basic tools I used during field visits as an architectural designer. This realization, brought fond memories of the past as well as happiness to the present because I was reassured that both of my careers are interconnected directly with my creativity.

Gallery Space Measure Up Timelapse

Click to Play Video

Special Thanks

I would like to thank Daniel Wiess, Lighting Master and Digital Wizard at Calumet Photographic, for giving me a hand with the measure up of the gallery's space. Also, for helping coordinate the upcoming "Natural Selection" exhibition show, which will be taking place at the New York Calumet Gallery located at 22 W. 22nd Street, 2nd fl., New York, NY 10010. The exhibition will be active from opening date February 20 through March 1, 2014.


To see the gallery space please click, here!

Wondrous Indeed: Exhibition Preparation Continued

Left to Right:  Julie Simpkins  and  Randhy Rodriguez

Left to Right: Julie Simpkins and Randhy Rodriguez

Julie Simpkins

Julie Simpkins


It gives me great pleasure to announce that this past Wednesday, I finished preparing for my upcoming group exhibition at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado called Wondrous Indeed. The exhibition dates are January 24, 2014 through February 22, 2014. See you there during the first Friday reception on February 7, 2014 from 6-9pm in the main gallery.

I would like to thank Julie Simpkins from Laumont for providing me with excellent customer service.

Click to Enlarge Images

Art Basel Miami Beach; Reoccurring Currency Theme

Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner

December 3, 2013, Miami Project Art Fair VIP Opening Event; From every direction, people are coming together to participate and celebrate art. A wonderful experience to be part of, to say the least!

Entering the Miami Project event, a piece that caught my attention was “Overgrown Empire” by Mark Wagner. It not only claimed my attention for being near the entrance, but also because of the material being used for the art. The artist uses American currency to develop his master pieces. Why would he use money? And why American currency? Thinking about these two simple questions while looking at Mr. Wagner’s art left a memorable impression on me. Perhaps because it was the first piece I stopped to look at during my stay in Miami. Honestly, I really don’t know, but Wagner’s art had influenced me in such a way that I began to notice other art with references to currency throughout the Art Basel.

I was fortunate to have received invitations to various events throughout the Art Basel like Untitled, Pulse Miami and Miami Project to name a few. My stay in Miami Beach lasted 4 nights and every day I saw art until my brain couldn’t process it anymore. While looking at art, I used my Instagram account to curate some of the pieces that I liked from the event, here!

Below, please see some of the art pieces that I photographed to illustrate my inquisitiveness regarding the subject. Moreover, I had asked two of my good friends Jocelyn Gilead and Miranda Pierce to help me by photographing any art that they may notice throughout the Art Basel with references to money.

**You may notice that some of the photos here are missing the artist’s credit.  If you the reader know the artist please leave a comment with the artist’s name and I will make the update.

Dan Tague

Dan Tague

Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe

Ambreen Butt  

Ambreen Butt



Andrew Schoultz

Andrew Schoultz



















Ebony G. Patterson

Ebony G. Patterson

** Photograph by Miranda Pierce

** Photograph by Miranda Pierce

** Photograph by  Jocelyne Gilead

** Photograph by Jocelyne Gilead

Miami Project Art Fair Recap

Miami Project Dec 3-8 2013 Wynwood Art District

Miami Project Dec 3-8 2013 Wynwood Art District

Miami Project's Complex

SVA Galleries Space Entrance (Photograph by Jocelyne Gilead)

December, 2013 Art Basel, Miami Beach, Florida: Nice warm weather and the atmosphere was full of excitement, this is a time when people around the world fly out to Miami to enjoy and participate in one of the most known international art fairs. Miami Project is also part of this excitement which takes place in Miami’s  Wynwood art district.

The SVA Galleries space was located in area #903 within the Miami Project’s complex. There the works from Ilona Szwarc, Mark De Wilde, Cassandra Levine, Jocelyne Gilead, Anna Beeke, Wyatt Mills, Frederick Paxton, Bradford Kessler,  and Randhy Rodriguez (me) were being shown to the event’s goers. Please visit Randhy Rodriguez Photography on Facebook for additional photographs from the event, here. And if you like what you see please feel free to leave a comment and like the page. Thank you!

Left to right, works from Frederick Paxton, Anna Beeke and Wyatt Mills

Left to right, works from Anna Beeke, Wyatt Mills, Ilona Szwarc and Mark De Wilde

Left to right, works from Mark De Wilde and Randhy Rodriguez (me)

Left to right, works from Randhy Rodriguez (me,) Bradford Kessler and Jocelyne Gilead

Left to right, works from Jocelyne Gilead and Cassandra Levine

Miami Project Art Fair

 Miami Project Official Website

 Miami Project Official Website

It is an honor to show my work along with a selection of extremely talented artists in the Miami Project Fair during this year’s Art Basel. The event will be taking place in Miami, Florida starting from the third through the eighth of December, 2013.

Works from Ilona Szwarc, Mark De Wilde, Cassandra Levine, Jocelyne Gilead, Anna Beeke, Wyatt Mills, Frederick Paxton, Bradford Kessler,  and Randhy Rodriguez (me) will be represented by the SVA Galleries and available for purchase.

I am excited and ready for this great event, see you there!

by Randhy Rodriguez