Natural Selection Opening Reception

Opening Reception

Calumet Gallery, New York City, February 20, 2014; The atmosphere was full of excitement, lots of familiar faces plus new ones have come together under one roof to celebrate photography.

In my opinion, this show has been one of the most successful I have been part of. Part of the exhibit’s success was the gallery space. Calumet Gallery can easily hold 250 or more people with enough space for them to walk freely holding a drink, eating appetizers, and talking with friends while enjoying the show. It is safe to say that this is what had happened during the event plus more.

In addition, the show was well received by the people. The diverse list of exhibiting artists shared a common interest which touches the development and evolution of their personal work. Exhibiting artists and visitors both got to enjoy a great night with friends and families plus a chance to connect with new people.

On behalf of all exhibiting artists, I would like thank the School of Visual Arts for helping us with the show. Last but not least, a special thank you to Calumet Photographic for providing us with such space for the celebration of photography.

Overall Gallery Interior Space

Exhibiting Artists, Works

Left to right, works from Dila AtayImara Moore Diana Kahrim,  Bina Altera and Anna Colliton

Fruits of Nature  Dila Atay
In Fruits of Nature elaborate miniature still lives address the imaginary line of fear and wonder as humankind interacts with wildlife. Additionally,the work questions how much damage humankind is causing to the planet and what we can do to right our wrongs.  

 Revelation Through Trees  Imara Moore
After her father’s death, the artist found herself comforted by trees, which appeared to her as representations of a dialog between reality and spirituality. Revelation Through Trees is a collection of photographs taken during this time. 

A Fisherman's Journey  Diana Kahrim
Born and raised in a fishing village in the Caribbean, the artist grew up with her father’s stories that shaped her life, defined her values and inspired her ambitions. In A Fisherman's Journey she returned to the village of her birth to photograph its residents and explore a way of life that so intimately influenced her.

Immemorial  Bina Altera 
Immemorial is a series of images of objects that represent legacy, death, personal relationships or power symbols that act as footprints or significant markers in people’s lives.

Thursday on the Island  Anna Colliton
Thursday on the Island is a visual representation of a mystery story that explores the themes of loss, isolation and confusion, as well as searching and finding.

Left to right, works from Vicente Muñoz, Masha Ermak and Clay Patrick McBride

Euphoria  Vicente Muñoz
Euphoria seeks to understand electronic dance music, DJs, and raves as a means of social interaction, pleasure and escape from reality.  

The Strangers  Masha Ermak
Inspired by a raw chicken, the artist abstracts her own body to invent new creatures with human personalities. The Strangers flips beauty on its end, playfully forcing the viewer to see the human form in a new way.

Underworld  Clay Patrick McBride
Underworld investigates the New York City subway system and its passengers. It portrays the subway as a separate and almost subconscious realm, where the basest of human fears of apply.

Throughput  Elizabeth Harnarine
Throughtput examines the strange experience of living with Crohn’s Disease and the discovery that, despite the overwhelming amount of information and technology available, there are very few options for controlling its impact on daily life.

 Beauty Blueprints  Heather Meyers
In Beauty Blueprints the artist photographs her subjects and then has them mark-up their portraits for retouching. This process becomes a collaborative exploration of the effects of societal ideals of beauty and self-image.

 Mind Chatter  Stephanie Guttenplan
Mind Chatter presents a visual representation of an ongoing internal dialogue in a collection of self-portraits that express fantasized and theatrical private thoughts.  the effects of societal ideals of beauty and self-image. 

Left to right, works from Shelly Au, Cana AtayLavonne Hall and Randhy Rodriguez

 Two Beautiful Daughters  Shelly Au
Two Beautiful Daughters is a series of images depicting how China’s rapid growth has ushered in the destruction of history and communities. The artist finds hope and courage through the chaos and brokenness of demolition.

Disquieting Muses  Cana Atay
Disquieting Muses portrays fictional stories based on conscious and unconscious memories. They tell the journey of a conflicted woman seeking to find and overcome moments in her past that haunt her.

 Correlations  Lavonne Hall
Correlations is a project that explores the connection New York City residents feel to specific locations within their city. Two elements of each image—the subject and the location—form a complex relationship of layers and reflections. 

Left to right, works from Randhy Rodriguez and Yannick Bindert

Sub conscious way  Randhy Rodriguez
Sub conscious way explores the effects of imposed architectural spaces on the subconscious mind and how the uninviting, confusing and labyrinthine design of subway stations is beautiful and inspiring when seen with an inquisitive eye.

Wild Encounters in the Remnants of the City  Yannick Bindert
Wild Encounters in the Remnants of the City combines the tragic beauty of abandoned structures with the symbolic hope of renewed life found in the presence of wildlife.
The artist imagines an eyewitness account of the last man on Earth, for whom these encounters have taken on new meanings of beauty, companionship and survival.

MPS Digital Photography, Class of 2014 Work in Progress

The gallery of the class of 2014 features a diversity of work created to fulfill fall and spring class assignments. The images were printed on media donated by MOAB Paper by Legion. Curated by Katrin Eismann

Left to right, works from Hsin Wang, Andre Avanessian, Adriano HultmannSarah Jun, Henny Gylfadottir, Ailin Blasco and Mark Roussel

Left to right, works from Sharron Diedrichs, Lacy Kiernan, Bilo Hussein, Kevin Wo and Meg Laubscher

Left to right, works from Meg LaubscherWon Kim, Jaime Lefkowitz and Evy Reinhart

Left to right, works from Evy Reinhart, Victoria Hardina and Zilan Fan

MPS Digital Photography, Class of 2014

Hsin Wang, Andre Avanessian, Adriano Hultmann, Sarah Jun, Jaime Cody, Ailin Blasco, Henny Gylfadottir, Lacy Kiernan, Agnieszka Korbica, Zilan Fan, Victoria Hardina, Bilo Hussein, Jonathan Kanter, Meg Laubscher, Jaime Lefkowitz, Gale Martineau, Kitty Mussallem, Evy Reinhart, Mark Roussel, Jeff Shaffer, Josh shagam, Jane Sheng, Alison Smith, Won Kim, Kevin Wo, Taylor Mickle, Sharron Diedrichs