Photograph by Cecilio Ignacio Rodriguez 

This is one of my favorite photographs. Not because of how I look or the photograph’s aesthetics, in fact, my reasons have very little to do with beauty. 

My father captured this photograph from his bedroom. I believe that this image was the last frame on his point and shoot film camera. Most of the photograph that he made with this camera were of people during special events like parties, family gatherings and so on. So, this point and shoot camera was sitting in his bedroom for a while waiting to be used. 

This particular day had nothing special. I clearly remember it as a warm breezy day. I came out of our house to stand on our front steps just to be outside for a few minutes. I did not know that my father was looking out of his bedroom window. Possibly, he was there for a while looking at his oldest son who then was 12 years old. 

He called my name, and as I turned my head, he captured this picture. What was so special about this moment? What was he seeing? What was he thinking?

The main reason I like this photographs is because to me it is a reflection of my father. Perhaps he saw himself as I was standing right in front of him looking away and completely unaware of his presence.

by Randhy Rodriguez