New Space Upgrade / The Secret Lives of Buildings

Featuring Marc Yankus' fine art photography exhibition titled "The Secret Lives of Buildings."

Exciting news happening at ClampArt! 

ClampArt, like pioneers, are forging a new neighborhood, and designing a new formula for how works are seen and sold. 

Recently, ClampArt opened their new gallery space located at 247 West 29th Street, New York City. The new space is a major upgrade, measuring four times the amount of square footage since their previous location. ClampArt now has a mezzanine and nineteen-foot ceilings, which allows them to exhibit works of a larger scale than they previously could. More importantly, the new location is highly accessible, standing nearby two main subway lines. 

Marc Yankus’ latest solo show, “The Secret Lives of Buildings,” is currently on display at ClampArt until November 26, 2016. 

“In some ways this work is capturing a historical record of the city....between documentation and fiction.”  Marc Yankus

A Love Story

Amanda Fortier, My Beautiful Wife

Amanda Fortier, My Beautiful Wife

Every day is Valentine’s Day!

The day before the official Valentine's Day, I am introducing my new body of work titled Amanda, a love story. This work is honest and deeply personal, which I am sharing with the intention of inspiring others to love.

I would like to thank the following people who have helped with their feedback and guidance: 

Manjari Sharma
Paul Aresu
Clifford Hausner
Thomas Egger
Katrina Lee Ford
Elizabeth Harnarine
Vicente Munoz 
Ronald Porcelli 

Creative Freedom

As I create an architectural freehand sketch on paper, I feel a sense of creative freedom that is intrinsic to that medium. I enjoy the creative process of architecture, and now, as a photographer I have been in search of that feeling.

As a result, the closest freehand sketch sensation I have ever gotten through the creation of an image using the camera is in this photograph.

Feature Shoot

35 Voyeuristic Photos of People on Public Transport Around the World

5th Avenue and 42nd Street, Bryant Park in Manhattan

I am very happy to announce that one of my photographs from “Sub conscious way” has been highlighted on Feature Shoot, “35 Voyeuristic Photos of People on Public Transport Around the World.” 

For more details about this work please click here!

Shut Eye: Lenscratch Exhibition

Photographs of people sleeping or with their eyes closed…

"Hot Summer Day" from Body of Work Amanda

I am pleased to announce that one of my images has been featured in Lenscratch’s “Shut Eye” online Exhibition. For more details please click here!

About the Photograph

This photograph was taken in Brooklyn, New York during one of the few hot summer days we got this year (2014.) Amanda was feeling very uncomfortable because she was near the end of her pregnancy and the heat was not helping. Therefore, I opened all the windows in our apartment to get some cross ventilation. She leaned back to a corner in our bedroom to feel the breeze come in. I wanted to photograph the sunset, but the light was far more interesting in our bedroom.

This photograph contains lots of symbols (pregnant, dream catcher, shadow on the neck, head + arms + hands position, color of the shirt, and the warmth of the image) which were not intended. The reality is, I only saw a beautiful woman when I looked through the viewfinder and pressed the shutter button to make this photograph.

From this accomplishment, I would like to introduce my new body of work in progress which is titled “Amanda” after my beautiful wife.


August 2014; Fort Pond Bay, Montauk NY 

Since getting the wonderful news of her pregnancy, Amanda fantasized of the idea of going to Fort Pond Bay to submerge herself in the calm waters and sense weightlessness. Feeling that her body is changing, movements becoming more restricted and knowing that the window for baby and mom to be together as one floating in the bay is closing, the fantasy became a strong desire.

She had been wanting to do this for the past eight months, and when it happened; it was magical!

Amanda and I have been together for over 9 years, and my camera has been beside me for the majority of this time capturing moments I want to remember. The first time I met Amanda was through a professional studio portrait on a computer screen.  Although, her profile picture was beautiful, it did not say much about her character other than the obvious. My first words to her were “You are beautiful!” to which she replied “You are not bad yourself!”

I truly enjoy making photographs of people, especially of Amanda because I am in love with her beauty and fascinated with her face. During our early days, Amanda was never too fond of photography. In fact, she did not want me to take portraits of her. During this time, she began to love me and with that I earned her trust.

Love taught me how to feel every portrait, and time sharpened my senses for the kinds of photographs I wanted to make. Although, at times her patience can be fleeting, I have managed to capture the beauty I am in love with.

And so, this new body of work is from my vast collection of portraits of love for my beautiful wife, Amanda.

Road Trip: Lenscratch Exhibition

I am very happy to announce that one of my images has been featured in Lenscratch’s Road Trip online Exhibition. For more details please click here!

About the Photograph

This photograph was taken on route 78 in Warren, New Jersey during a strong snow storm. It was a disturbing accident, where the car in front of us lost control and caused a snow ball effect disaster involving at least fifty cars. As I remember, this accident occurred at slow speed, but could not be controlled due to the weather conditions. The collective force of mangled metal running down hill was analogous to a river going down stream. From this unfortunate event, I managed to capture this photograph which I titled “Dead River Rd” after the overpass above the accident.


Purchased by Private Collector

I am thrilled to announce that I sold another one of my prints from my body of work “Sub conscious way” to a private collector.

In this photograph, I am inspecting the work before it goes to another facility for a custom frame finish. Measuring at 60” wide x 22.5” tall, it is the largest size available from this series. In addition, there are other smaller sizes available for sale. Please contact me at for additional information. 

The Origins of Living History

My good friend Ronald James Porcelli talks briefly about the origins of his latest book Living History, New York City’s Oldest Restaurants, Bars, and Bakeries, Et Cetera. For more information please click here!

Sample Photographs

KEENS STEAKHOUSE (1885) 72 West 36 Street, Manhattan

WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE (1913) 4 Park Avenue, Manhattan

TEDDY'S BAR & GRILL (1887) 96 Berry Street, Brooklyn

CAFFE' ROMA (1901) 385 Broome Street, Manhattan

WHITE HORSE TAVERN (1878) 567 Hudson Street 

CAFFE' REGGIO (1927) 119 MacDougal Street, Manhattan

Book Launch: Color Management & Quality Output

Event Recap

SVA, MPS Digital Photography Class of 2014

SVA, MPS Digital Photography Class of 2014

Rochester Institute of Technology Friends Reunion

Calumet Gallery, New York City, February 27, 2014; Book launch, “Color Management & Quality Output” by Tom Ashe received a warm welcome by the photography community. The location for this event could not have been better, since the Calumet Gallery currently has great photographs from the exhibition “Natural Selection” on display. And in regards to this art work, Mr. Ashe’s color management teaching was a key component on its photographic output.

In conclusion, the event turned from a book signing to a big party with music, food and libations. 

It was a fantastic night of abundant joy and friendship, to see event images please click here!

About the Book

Color Management & Quality Output is divided into two sections. The first section is on color and color management. It is meant to give photographers a background on how color works and then how color is reproduced from capture to display to print. This section also looks at how color is managed in applications like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. The second section deals with different types of output, like inkjet, photographic digital C-print, and CMYK printing presses. Then we look at how you can optimize your output from re-sizing and sharpening to framing and finishing your prints. In the end, it is about helping photographers to feel in control of faithfully producing their artistic vision to the printed page or iPad screen.

Where to Purchase the Book 

Focal Press    I    Amazon    I    Barns & Nobel

Contact Tom Ashe

Color Management & Quality Output

Wondrous Indeed Exhibition

Location Complex

The Center for Fine Art Photography

February 7, 2014, Fort Collins, Colorado: Opening reception, people from different parts of the United States have congregated to celebrate and enjoy photography at The Center for Fine Art Photography (C4FAP.) As one of the exhibiting artists, I was there representing my work and meeting with people of similar interests. In addition, members of C4FAP and exhibiting artists attending received an exclusive presentation by Phillip Toledano regarding his past and most recent work, which was interesting and engaging. The show was well received by the public, in fact, I had the pleasure to hear great comments about my work from a spectator’s standpoint which was new to me. Overall, it was a very exciting and joyful night.

Main Gallery Overview 

To view additional detailed images of the exhibition please click here

During the exhibition, I met with fellow exhibiting artists to share ideas and talk about our work. These artists were Brenda Biondo, Lori Pond,  David Howe, Thomas Jackson,  Meghan Boilard, Melissa Lynn,  Logan Mock-Bunting, and John Lewis

Here are photographs of some of us: 

Left to Right:  Randhy Rodriguez  and    David Howe

Left to Right: Randhy Rodriguez and David Howe

Left to Right:  Randhy Rodriguez , (MB's Work) and  Meghan Boilard  

Left to Right: Randhy Rodriguez, (MB's Work) and Meghan Boilard 

Left to Right:  Randhy Rodriguez  and  Logan Mock-Bunting

Left to Right: Randhy Rodriguez and Logan Mock-Bunting

Exhibiting Artists

Allyson Anne LambTami BahatCeline BardouClare BensonBrenda BiondoMeghan BoilardRicardo Bouyett,Michael Butler, Mike Enright, Dimitra ErmeidouMingshan Fan, Paul Greenberg, Jess Hardcastle, Melissa Hogan, David HoweThomas Jackson,Kate Jones, John Lewis, Michael Loderstedt, Melissa Lynn, Toby MacLennan, Lilliana MarieYvette MeltzerLogan Mock-BuntingEnrique Munoz-Garcia, Tamy Novak, Jenny PapalexandrisLori PondJessica RechRandhy RodriguezJacinda Russell, Leah Schretenthaler, Harriet Stein, Gordon StettiniusAlison TurnerBenita VanWinkle and Kelsey Wagner.

Portfolio Fabrication

Also, I had the opportunity to meet with Phillip Toledano and Hamidah Glasgow for a portfolio review. See below image and time-lapse of portfolio fabrication. (This is a good example where I get to use my architectural background toward my advantage.)

Handmade Porfolio by Randhy Rodriguez

Natural Selection Exhibition Opening Reception

Photograph by  Masha Ermak

Photograph by Masha Ermak

"Natural Selection" features the work of 16 emerging photographers from around the globe, and highlights the raw power of their vision as they address fears, insecurities, relationships, mourning, and personal turmoil. The exhibition, curated by NYC gallerist and educator Michael Foley, is on view February 20 through February 28 at the Calumet Photographic Gallery, 22 West 22nd Street in Manhattan. The opening reception will be on February 20 from 5:30pm until 7:30pm. Admission is free and open to the public.

In "Natural Selection," the artists explore the surface and subsurface of the New York subway system, its neighborhoods, music, and nightlife; envision humanity’s impact on the environment, capture urban destruction in China, and the life of a fisherman in Trinidad and Tobago; and address how we perceive ourselves through editorial photography, fine-art compositing, and surreal and deeply personal medical images. NATURAL SELECTION is a brave show that is born out of personal unrest and a yearning for change and evolution, while honoring common vulnerability and morality.

Calumet Gallery

Natural Selection
Fine Art Photography Exhibition
Curated by Michael Foley

On view: February 20th – March 1st

Reception: Thursday, February 20th, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Open Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 6:00 pm, 
Saturday 10:00 am – 5:30 pm. 
Closed Sunday.

Exhibiting Artists

Bina Altera, Elizabeth Harnarine, Imara Moore, Diana Kahrim, Shelly Au, Yannick Bindert, Clay Patrick McBride, Heather Meyers, Lavonne Hall, Vicente Muñoz, Masha Ermak, Anna Colliton, Dila Atay, Cana Atay, Stephanie Guttenplan, and Randhy Rodriguez (Me.)

Wondrous Indeed Exhibition Opening Reception

This exhibition is bound to be unusual. The juror, Phillip Toledano is an internationally renowned photographer with an eye for finding the incredible in the everyday. While an image of a tree surrounded by floating cheese-balls is an actual unbelievable sculpture, the cat in the woman’s mouth is not. Both the real and the surreal combine to delight the senses in this exhibition. Expect to see things in a whole new way after seeing Wondrous Indeed.

Juror Phillip Toledano and several exhibiting artists will attend the First Friday reception celebrating the exhibition from 6-9 on Friday February 7th. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter at @C4FAP to get more news on the latest events and art happenings at the Center.

+ Meet and greet with visiting artists at the reception.
+ Juror talk with Phillip Toledano at 5:00 preceding First Friday reception.
+ Catch the New Exhibitions in the North and Gould Galleries
+ Sponsored by Odell Brewing, and a Fort Fund Grant
+ Exhibitions and Receptions at C4FAP are always free and open to the public
Exhibiting artists include: Allyson Anne Lamb, Tami Bahat, Celine Bardou, Clare Benson, Brenda Biondo, Meghan Boilard, Ricardo Bouyett, Michael Butler, Mike Enright, Dimitra Ermeidou, Mingshan Fan, Paul Greenberg, Jess Hardcastle, Melissa Hogan, David Howe, Thomas Jackson, Kate Jones, John Lewis, Michael Loderstedt, Melissa Lynn, Toby MacLennan, Lilliana Marie, Yvette Meltzer, Logan Mock-Bunting, Enrique Munoz-Garcia, Tamy Novak, Jenny Papalexandris, Lori Pond, Jessica Rech, Randhy Rodriguez, Jacinda Russell, Leah Schretenthaler, Harriet Stein, Gordon Stettinius, Alison Turner, Benita VanWinkle and Kelsey Wagner.

About C4FAP
Since 2004, The Center for Fine Art Photography has been a preeminent supporter of photography. As a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, the Center is supported globally with donations, grants, and memberships. Based in Fort Collins, CO, the Center for Fine Art Photography offers three public galleries, classes, and online exhibitions that give photographers and photography enthusiasts from all over the world an opportunity to engage with the Center and it’s community. For more information about the Center, including information on workshops, membership, becoming a donor and exhibitions, please visit the website at

Gallery Location
400 North College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Download Press Release Here!

Natural Selection: Exhibition Preparation

Architectural Influence

Architectural Floor Plan Sketch of Calumet Gallery Space

Calumet Gallery, New York City: My architectural practice has a major influence in my photography career. Recently, I was at the Calumet Gallery taking some overall dimensions of the space to prepare for the 2014 group exhibition called “Natural Selection” which comprises work from: Bina Altera, Elizabeth Harnarine, Imara Moore, Diana Kahrim, Shelly Au, Yannick Bindert, Clay Patrick McBride, Heather Meyers, Lavonne Hall, Vicente Muñoz, Masha Ermak, Anna Colliton, Dila Atay, Cana Atay, Stephanie Guttenplan, and Randhy Rodriguez (Me.) While I was there doing my work, I found myself using some of the basic tools I used during field visits as an architectural designer. This realization, brought fond memories of the past as well as happiness to the present because I was reassured that both of my careers are interconnected directly with my creativity.

Gallery Space Measure Up Timelapse

Click to Play Video

Special Thanks

I would like to thank Daniel Wiess, Lighting Master and Digital Wizard at Calumet Photographic, for giving me a hand with the measure up of the gallery's space. Also, for helping coordinate the upcoming "Natural Selection" exhibition show, which will be taking place at the New York Calumet Gallery located at 22 W. 22nd Street, 2nd fl., New York, NY 10010. The exhibition will be active from opening date February 20 through March 1, 2014.


To see the gallery space please click, here!

Meet Judy Rosenblatt

Judy Rosenblatt standing next to her work

Calumet Gallery, New York City, December 23: Today, I was visiting the Calumet Gallery to obtain photographs and dimensions of the space in preparation for the upcoming show called "Natural Selection."

A wonderful lady by the name of Judy Rosenblatt approached me and asked if I was there to photograph the space for the New York City Sierra Club Photography Committee. My answer was no, I was there for a different purpose. Judy looked at me with a smile on her face and said something like, “oh, that is unfortunate because I am not sure if someone from the NYC Sierra Club Committee is doing that and the show will close the 27th of this month.” We continued to talk for 30 minutes or so, and realized that we had many things in common. I was compelled by her happiness and immediate friendship. Fortunately for Judy, I just could not say no to such a lovely person.

2013: Encounters with Nature, December 3–27

Exhibition Space Images

Click to Enlarge Images

Collaboration Project: Introduction To Living History

I am writing this blog (at the request of my friend Randhy Rodriguez, with the intent of not only talking about my manuscript: Living History, New York's  Oldest Restaurants, Bars and Bakeries, etc., but of using it as a chat line to discuss my experiences and enjoyment of the various classic establishments discussed in the book.

What differentiates this book from any other book dealing with the classic restaurants of New York City is the amount of such sites covered. I have over 140 eateries listed in the volume, all opened before 1930 and all going strong.

The pleasure I find visiting these establishments I would like to convey to you, dear reader, and if you visit these places, or others I may not know about, feel free the express your own opinions. I would love to hear from you.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse (1913,) 4 Park Avenue, New York NY

Wolfgang's Steakhouse (1913,) 4 Park Avenue, New York NY

Caffe' Roma (1901,)   
  385 Broome Street   
  , New York NY

Caffe' Roma (1901,) 385 Broome Street , New York NY

Caffe' Reggio (1927,) 119 MacDougal Street, New York NY

Caffe' Reggio (1927,) 119 MacDougal Street, New York NY

Photographs by Randhy Rodriguez

Photoshop User Featuring "Sub conscious way"

2013 Photoshop User magazine   “Creative Point of View, Photoshop from the Creative to the Practical”   Katrin Eismann, Author

Recently, Sub conscious way was published in Photoshop User magazine along with Underground by Clay Patrick McBride in an article written by the Photoshop Diva, Katrin Eismann.