Shut Eye: Lenscratch Exhibition

Photographs of people sleeping or with their eyes closed…

"Hot Summer Day" from Body of Work Amanda

I am pleased to announce that one of my images has been featured in Lenscratch’s “Shut Eye” online Exhibition. For more details please click here!

About the Photograph

This photograph was taken in Brooklyn, New York during one of the few hot summer days we got this year (2014.) Amanda was feeling very uncomfortable because she was near the end of her pregnancy and the heat was not helping. Therefore, I opened all the windows in our apartment to get some cross ventilation. She leaned back to a corner in our bedroom to feel the breeze come in. I wanted to photograph the sunset, but the light was far more interesting in our bedroom.

This photograph contains lots of symbols (pregnant, dream catcher, shadow on the neck, head + arms + hands position, color of the shirt, and the warmth of the image) which were not intended. The reality is, I only saw a beautiful woman when I looked through the viewfinder and pressed the shutter button to make this photograph.

From this accomplishment, I would like to introduce my new body of work in progress which is titled “Amanda” after my beautiful wife.


August 2014; Fort Pond Bay, Montauk NY 

Since getting the wonderful news of her pregnancy, Amanda fantasized of the idea of going to Fort Pond Bay to submerge herself in the calm waters and sense weightlessness. Feeling that her body is changing, movements becoming more restricted and knowing that the window for baby and mom to be together as one floating in the bay is closing, the fantasy became a strong desire.

She had been wanting to do this for the past eight months, and when it happened; it was magical!

Amanda and I have been together for over 9 years, and my camera has been beside me for the majority of this time capturing moments I want to remember. The first time I met Amanda was through a professional studio portrait on a computer screen.  Although, her profile picture was beautiful, it did not say much about her character other than the obvious. My first words to her were “You are beautiful!” to which she replied “You are not bad yourself!”

I truly enjoy making photographs of people, especially of Amanda because I am in love with her beauty and fascinated with her face. During our early days, Amanda was never too fond of photography. In fact, she did not want me to take portraits of her. During this time, she began to love me and with that I earned her trust.

Love taught me how to feel every portrait, and time sharpened my senses for the kinds of photographs I wanted to make. Although, at times her patience can be fleeting, I have managed to capture the beauty I am in love with.

And so, this new body of work is from my vast collection of portraits of love for my beautiful wife, Amanda.

Cultivating Ideas and Conversations with Friends

Left to right:  Aaron Dai ,  Tom Ashe , Heather Dawson Reed, Amanda Joy Fortier,  Stella Kramer , Glenn Reed,  Julie Simpkins

Left to right: Aaron Dai, Tom Ashe, Heather Dawson Reed, Amanda Joy Fortier, Stella Kramer, Glenn Reed, Julie Simpkins

Brooklyn, New York, January 11, 2014: My lovely wife Amanda and I enjoy hosting parties throughout the year. This is our fifth year hosting such events, and in January was our first of 2014. We enjoy hosting these kinds of events to cultivate ideas and conversations amongst our friends and embrace diversity. And of course, enjoy great food and libations together!

The first group we had the pleasure of sharing this wonderful event with were:

Tom Ashe, associate chair of the Master of Professional studies in Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts and his boyfriend Aaron Dai, a gifted pianist and composer. Aaron will be premiering a new composition for The Chelsea Symphony Friday, January 24, 2014 at 8:30 pm and Saturday, January 25, 2014 at 7:30 pm. The event will be held at St. Paul's Church, 315 West 22nd Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues.)

Julie Simpkins, a wonderful friend I met at Laumont Framing in New York City.  On top of providing great service on framing my fine art prints for exhibitions, she is also a talented painter.

Glenn Reed, an amazing sculptor, avid sailor, and good friend who recently had a piece in a show at Noho Gallery / M55 Art.  I met Glenn through working with Manjari Sharma on her solo exhibition at Clamp Art.  Glenn brought his lovely wife Heather as well, a psychologist, which always guarantees interesting conversation.  Heather is also an amateur competitive sailor, and good friend of mine.

Stella Kramer, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor and creator of Stellazine.  I met Stella when she was instructing the course “Professional Communication Essentials” at SVA.  Since then, I’ve been enchanted with Stella not only professionally, with her vast knowledge of photography, but personally as well.

Amanda Joy Fortier

Amanda Joy Fortier

Amanda Fortier, my beloved wife, who is an incredible Chef and enjoys entertaining with me.  Thank you so much for preparing such a delicious meal for us!  Amanda worked weeks in advance to test the items on the menu and make sure that everything went flawlessly.


This was the menu for the evening:

First Course

Radicchio and butter lettuce salad with champagne vinaigrette, blood oranges, hazelnuts

Main Course

Polenta steaks with winter roasted vegetable torte, sundried tomato pesto


Almond cake with poached figs, mascarpone vanilla bean cream