New Space Upgrade / The Secret Lives of Buildings

Featuring Marc Yankus' fine art photography exhibition titled "The Secret Lives of Buildings."

Exciting news happening at ClampArt! 

ClampArt, like pioneers, are forging a new neighborhood, and designing a new formula for how works are seen and sold. 

Recently, ClampArt opened their new gallery space located at 247 West 29th Street, New York City. The new space is a major upgrade, measuring four times the amount of square footage since their previous location. ClampArt now has a mezzanine and nineteen-foot ceilings, which allows them to exhibit works of a larger scale than they previously could. More importantly, the new location is highly accessible, standing nearby two main subway lines. 

Marc Yankus’ latest solo show, “The Secret Lives of Buildings,” is currently on display at ClampArt until November 26, 2016. 

“In some ways this work is capturing a historical record of the city....between documentation and fiction.”  Marc Yankus

“Alter Egos” Mark Beard’s Solo Exhibition

ClampArt Gallery, New York City, September 11, 2014; Opening reception of “Alter Egos” by artist Mark Beard, curated by Brian Paul Clamp. 

Thursday night, a lovely September evening to be out in Chelsea admiring great works of art by top contemporary artists. 

Mark Beard is an artist whose smart and playful creativity literally manifests in the form of different characters. His solo exhibition titled “Alter Egos” is a cohesive show containing many different scales, techniques, eras and styles of painting as Bruce Sargeant, Hippolyte-Alexandre Michallon, Edith Thayer Cromwell, Brechtholt Streeruwitz, Peter Coulter, Beard Beard, Buggereau, and Princess Ormolu. Although, he works with a diverse selection of models, in many of his paintings their faces have perhaps an intentional common appearance. Moreover, the presentation of the show was professional and well executed. The show’s success comes from connecting the title to the body of work and knowing about the artist. The beauty of this understanding adds a sense of humor to the show, a clever way of the artist communicating with his audience. 

The gallery’s atmosphere was exciting, people were there specifically to celebrate and buy many of Mr. Beard’s art pieces. 

In conclusion, the opening reception was well received by a large group of people (celebrities, friends, fellow artists and show goers) in attendance. From beginning to end of the night, the gallery was completely filled with people enjoying themselves, snacks, libations and of course great conversations. I would rate the overall experience highly and recommend it to others. 

The show will remain on view through October 11th.  
ClampArt Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday, 10 – 6pm.  

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About The Artist

Mark Beard

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1956, Mark Beard is a well-established artist living in New York City with artworks in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City; the Museum of Modern Art, New York City; the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, Connecticut; Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut; Princeton University, New Jersey; among many, many others. (C.A.)


Mr. Beard is a versatile artist who channels his creativity through multiple mediums. In his Hell’s Kitchen open space studio, Mr. Beard creates and stores a large collection of his work including sculptures, upholsteries, photographs, paintings and more.

After spending time with Mr. Beard, I noticed a few interesting things about him that can be traced to his success. He is very involved in the installation of his work from designing custom details of frames to assembling his work on site. In addition, he is the kind of artist who would work on a painting until he feels that is ready, meaning that he is willing to work on a particular piece for many months or even years if necessary.

Press Release

Brian Paul Clamp

Brian Paul Clamp

ClampArt is pleased to announce “Mark Beard: Alter Egos”—the artist’s fourth solo show at the gallery.

A visit to Mark Beard’s studio is akin to discovering Michelangelo’s lair: oil paintings cover the walls; life drawings are scattered on the tops of tables nestled at the feet of heroic bronzes; and ceramics and architectural maquettes abound—virtuosity in every medium. But then it gets even more interesting. Beard’s talents and artistic energy are in such abundance that over twenty years back he began channeling his creative output into a variety of alter egos. The persona of “Bruce Sargeant” was the first conceived—an imaginary British artist born in 1898 and a contemporary of such intellectuals as E.M. Forster, Rupert Brooke, and John Sloan. Then came Sargeant’s teacher, Hippolyte-Alexandre Michallon (1849-1930), a 19th-century French Academician. The fraternity continued to grow with other students of Michallon’s, such as Edith Thayer Cromwell (1893-1962), an American avant-garde painter and close friend of Sargeant’s; in addition to Brechtholt Streeruwitz (1890-1973), a troubled German Expressionist and arch-rival of Beard’s original alter ego. Mark Beard is certainly unprecedented, but not singular. Accomplished in every medium, he is more than a complete artist—he is now at least eight or nine, working in as many distinct and unique styles.

Alter Egos” at ClampArt is a showcase of works by Beard’s first five personae—Bruce Sargeant (1898-1938), Hippolyte-Alexandre Michallon (1849-1930), Edith Thayer Cromwell (1893-1962), Brechtholt Streeruwitz (1890-1973), and contemporary African-American painter Peter Coulter (b. 1948). However, recently more artists have emerged, and the exhibition will feature paintings by Beard’s newest personalities, including the Hudson River School painter Beard Beard (b. 1885), the queer contemporary figure Buggereau (b. 1956), and transsexual graffiti artist Princess Ormolu (b. 1979).

Meet Katie Brown


December, 2013 Art Basel, Miami Beach, Florida: After visiting the Untitled art fair, outside along the beachfront promenade, I was greeted by the beautiful and enthusiastic Katie Brown. She was doing an outstanding job making visitors feel welcome and escorting them to the VIP bus which was taking guests to other shows in the Wynwood area. I was captivated by Ms. Brown’s happy attitude to be working under the bright sunlight of South Beach and fascinated by the outfit she was wearing. Therefore, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask permission to take her photograph for this purpose. In return, Ms. Brown insisted that I should give credit to Lynn Serulla, fashion designer.


Meet Judy Rosenblatt

Judy Rosenblatt standing next to her work

Calumet Gallery, New York City, December 23: Today, I was visiting the Calumet Gallery to obtain photographs and dimensions of the space in preparation for the upcoming show called "Natural Selection."

A wonderful lady by the name of Judy Rosenblatt approached me and asked if I was there to photograph the space for the New York City Sierra Club Photography Committee. My answer was no, I was there for a different purpose. Judy looked at me with a smile on her face and said something like, “oh, that is unfortunate because I am not sure if someone from the NYC Sierra Club Committee is doing that and the show will close the 27th of this month.” We continued to talk for 30 minutes or so, and realized that we had many things in common. I was compelled by her happiness and immediate friendship. Fortunately for Judy, I just could not say no to such a lovely person.

2013: Encounters with Nature, December 3–27

Exhibition Space Images

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Wondrous Indeed: Exhibition Preparation Continued

Left to Right:  Julie Simpkins  and  Randhy Rodriguez

Left to Right: Julie Simpkins and Randhy Rodriguez

Julie Simpkins

Julie Simpkins


It gives me great pleasure to announce that this past Wednesday, I finished preparing for my upcoming group exhibition at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado called Wondrous Indeed. The exhibition dates are January 24, 2014 through February 22, 2014. See you there during the first Friday reception on February 7, 2014 from 6-9pm in the main gallery.

I would like to thank Julie Simpkins from Laumont for providing me with excellent customer service.

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Miami Project Art Fair Recap

Miami Project Dec 3-8 2013 Wynwood Art District

Miami Project Dec 3-8 2013 Wynwood Art District

Miami Project's Complex

SVA Galleries Space Entrance (Photograph by Jocelyne Gilead)

December, 2013 Art Basel, Miami Beach, Florida: Nice warm weather and the atmosphere was full of excitement, this is a time when people around the world fly out to Miami to enjoy and participate in one of the most known international art fairs. Miami Project is also part of this excitement which takes place in Miami’s  Wynwood art district.

The SVA Galleries space was located in area #903 within the Miami Project’s complex. There the works from Ilona Szwarc, Mark De Wilde, Cassandra Levine, Jocelyne Gilead, Anna Beeke, Wyatt Mills, Frederick Paxton, Bradford Kessler,  and Randhy Rodriguez (me) were being shown to the event’s goers. Please visit Randhy Rodriguez Photography on Facebook for additional photographs from the event, here. And if you like what you see please feel free to leave a comment and like the page. Thank you!

Left to right, works from Frederick Paxton, Anna Beeke and Wyatt Mills

Left to right, works from Anna Beeke, Wyatt Mills, Ilona Szwarc and Mark De Wilde

Left to right, works from Mark De Wilde and Randhy Rodriguez (me)

Left to right, works from Randhy Rodriguez (me,) Bradford Kessler and Jocelyne Gilead

Left to right, works from Jocelyne Gilead and Cassandra Levine

The Center for Fine Art Photography: Wondrous Indeed with Phillip Toledano

Randhy Rodriguez made the chosen artist selection

Randhy Rodriguez made the chosen artist selection

The Center for Fine Art Photography (C4FAP) congratulates Randhy Rodriguez for his inclusion in the Wondrous Indeed exhibition. According to C4FAP, there was so much incredible work submitted to this exhibition that selecting fifty images was an incredibly difficult process for Phillip Toledano, Juror.