The Origins of Living History

My good friend Ronald James Porcelli talks briefly about the origins of his latest book Living History, New York City’s Oldest Restaurants, Bars, and Bakeries, Et Cetera. For more information please click here!

Sample Photographs

KEENS STEAKHOUSE (1885) 72 West 36 Street, Manhattan

WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE (1913) 4 Park Avenue, Manhattan

TEDDY'S BAR & GRILL (1887) 96 Berry Street, Brooklyn

CAFFE' ROMA (1901) 385 Broome Street, Manhattan

WHITE HORSE TAVERN (1878) 567 Hudson Street 

CAFFE' REGGIO (1927) 119 MacDougal Street, Manhattan

Collaboration Project: Introduction To Living History

I am writing this blog (at the request of my friend Randhy Rodriguez, with the intent of not only talking about my manuscript: Living History, New York's  Oldest Restaurants, Bars and Bakeries, etc., but of using it as a chat line to discuss my experiences and enjoyment of the various classic establishments discussed in the book.

What differentiates this book from any other book dealing with the classic restaurants of New York City is the amount of such sites covered. I have over 140 eateries listed in the volume, all opened before 1930 and all going strong.

The pleasure I find visiting these establishments I would like to convey to you, dear reader, and if you visit these places, or others I may not know about, feel free the express your own opinions. I would love to hear from you.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse (1913,) 4 Park Avenue, New York NY

Wolfgang's Steakhouse (1913,) 4 Park Avenue, New York NY

Caffe' Roma (1901,)   
  385 Broome Street   
  , New York NY

Caffe' Roma (1901,) 385 Broome Street , New York NY

Caffe' Reggio (1927,) 119 MacDougal Street, New York NY

Caffe' Reggio (1927,) 119 MacDougal Street, New York NY

Photographs by Randhy Rodriguez