A Love Story

Amanda Fortier, My Beautiful Wife

Amanda Fortier, My Beautiful Wife

Every day is Valentine’s Day!

The day before the official Valentine's Day, I am introducing my new body of work titled Amanda, a love story. This work is honest and deeply personal, which I am sharing with the intention of inspiring others to love.

I would like to thank the following people who have helped with their feedback and guidance: 

Manjari Sharma
Paul Aresu
Clifford Hausner
Thomas Egger
Katrina Lee Ford
Elizabeth Harnarine
Vicente Munoz 
Ronald Porcelli 

Los Angeles Times: Framework

**Portrait of   Manjari Sharma   by Randhy Rodriguez

**Portrait of Manjari Sharma by Randhy Rodriguez

March 27, 2014, the photography section of the Los Angeles Times. In an article by Barbara Davidson called “reFramed: In conversation with Manjari Sharma,” a portrait of Manjari Sharma created by me is featured, along with a beautiful article on Sharma’s photography career.  I am honored and proud to have my portraiture work published by this great institution. I would like to thank Manjari Sharma for choosing me as her portrait photographer and Barbara DavidsonLos Angeles Times, for publishing my photograph.

**Please click on the images above to read the article about Manjari Sharma's career from the Los Angeles Times website.