Meet Candace Carriger

A caring person who is passionate about her work with children.

Candace Carriger is the engine that powers The Dance Lab, a creative arts space designed to encourage self-expression, self-discovery, creative explorations, risk-taking, mindfulness, sharing, and self-development. Carriger’s openhearted energy fills the space creating a wonderful environment for children and families, allowing children to feel comfortable no matter their individual learning style, energy levels, and independent spirit. Carriger approaches dance as an expressive art, featuring each experience that is shared as valuable knowledge for the students. Her process-oriented programs are designed to encourage positive creative learning through open-ended structures, constructive guidance and lots of personal encouragement.

“Working in this creative way offers children a voice that is not always considered in traditional dance classes,” says Carriger.

Correspondingly, as a child-centered program, the students are encouraged to bring forward ideas and suggestions about their own learning experience because Carriger recognizes the fundamental value of giving children ownership of their thoughts, and accomplishments through class participation.

“The Dance Lab is not your typical neighborhood dance school. We are so much more than just dance. And, we teach much more than just steps,” says Carriger.