Featured on Josh Johnson’s Instagram Feed

Skateboarder in Motion by Randhy Rodriguez

As seen on JJ' IG feed

As seen on JJ' IG feed

Josh Johnson (JJ), Instagram (IG), June 2, 2014; It was a wonderful surprise to realize that my work has been selected out of thousands of photographs to be featured on Josh Johnson’s Instagram feed, whose community is comprised of 620K active members. 

First, it was picked up by two other IG feeds who are editors for JJ (JJ_editor_nselmo and JJ_editor_rosajulia.) Subsequently, it caught the attention of Kevin Kuster (Former Senior Photo Editor for Playboy Magazine and now Watts of Love Creative Director, CEO #JJ Community) who featured it on JJ’s main feed. As of now, my photograph has received 3,436 likes (and counting) plus comments.

This exposure has been delightful! I have gained more supporters on my personal IG feed (@randhyrodriguez) and connected with a vast audience who have engaged with my work and vice versa. 

I would like to thank Josh Johnson for creating such a lovely and inspiring feed. Also, I would like to thank JJ_editor_nselmo and JJ_editor_Rosajulia for featuring my work as well. 

A special thanks to Kevin Kuster for the compliment and very accurate note he wrote about the technical aspect of my photograph. (Great movement to this image. Shooting action with a slow shutter speed and slightly tracking with the subject will give you this type of blur. Bravo Randhy Rodriguez. _KK)

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by Randhy Rodriguez