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February 7, 2014, Fort Collins, Colorado: Opening reception, people from different parts of the United States have congregated to celebrate and enjoy photography at The Center for Fine Art Photography (C4FAP.) As one of the exhibiting artists, I was there representing my work and meeting with people of similar interests. In addition, members of C4FAP and exhibiting artists attending received an exclusive presentation by Phillip Toledano regarding his past and most recent work, which was interesting and engaging. The show was well received by the public, in fact, I had the pleasure to hear great comments about my work from a spectator’s standpoint which was new to me. Overall, it was a very exciting and joyful night.

Main Gallery Overview 

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During the exhibition, I met with fellow exhibiting artists to share ideas and talk about our work. These artists were Brenda Biondo, Lori Pond,  David Howe, Thomas Jackson,  Meghan Boilard, Melissa Lynn,  Logan Mock-Bunting, and John Lewis

Here are photographs of some of us: 

Left to Right:  Randhy Rodriguez  and    David Howe

Left to Right: Randhy Rodriguez and David Howe

Left to Right:  Randhy Rodriguez , (MB's Work) and  Meghan Boilard  

Left to Right: Randhy Rodriguez, (MB's Work) and Meghan Boilard 

Left to Right:  Randhy Rodriguez  and  Logan Mock-Bunting

Left to Right: Randhy Rodriguez and Logan Mock-Bunting

Exhibiting Artists

Allyson Anne LambTami BahatCeline BardouClare BensonBrenda BiondoMeghan BoilardRicardo Bouyett,Michael Butler, Mike Enright, Dimitra ErmeidouMingshan Fan, Paul Greenberg, Jess Hardcastle, Melissa Hogan, David HoweThomas Jackson,Kate Jones, John Lewis, Michael Loderstedt, Melissa Lynn, Toby MacLennan, Lilliana MarieYvette MeltzerLogan Mock-BuntingEnrique Munoz-Garcia, Tamy Novak, Jenny PapalexandrisLori PondJessica RechRandhy RodriguezJacinda Russell, Leah Schretenthaler, Harriet Stein, Gordon StettiniusAlison TurnerBenita VanWinkle and Kelsey Wagner.

Portfolio Fabrication

Also, I had the opportunity to meet with Phillip Toledano and Hamidah Glasgow for a portfolio review. See below image and time-lapse of portfolio fabrication. (This is a good example where I get to use my architectural background toward my advantage.)

Handmade Porfolio by Randhy Rodriguez

Wondrous Indeed Exhibition Opening Reception

This exhibition is bound to be unusual. The juror, Phillip Toledano is an internationally renowned photographer with an eye for finding the incredible in the everyday. While an image of a tree surrounded by floating cheese-balls is an actual unbelievable sculpture, the cat in the woman’s mouth is not. Both the real and the surreal combine to delight the senses in this exhibition. Expect to see things in a whole new way after seeing Wondrous Indeed.

Juror Phillip Toledano and several exhibiting artists will attend the First Friday reception celebrating the exhibition from 6-9 on Friday February 7th. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter at @C4FAP to get more news on the latest events and art happenings at the Center.

+ Meet and greet with visiting artists at the reception.
+ Juror talk with Phillip Toledano at 5:00 preceding First Friday reception.
+ Catch the New Exhibitions in the North and Gould Galleries
+ Sponsored by Odell Brewing, and a Fort Fund Grant
+ Exhibitions and Receptions at C4FAP are always free and open to the public
Exhibiting artists include: Allyson Anne Lamb, Tami Bahat, Celine Bardou, Clare Benson, Brenda Biondo, Meghan Boilard, Ricardo Bouyett, Michael Butler, Mike Enright, Dimitra Ermeidou, Mingshan Fan, Paul Greenberg, Jess Hardcastle, Melissa Hogan, David Howe, Thomas Jackson, Kate Jones, John Lewis, Michael Loderstedt, Melissa Lynn, Toby MacLennan, Lilliana Marie, Yvette Meltzer, Logan Mock-Bunting, Enrique Munoz-Garcia, Tamy Novak, Jenny Papalexandris, Lori Pond, Jessica Rech, Randhy Rodriguez, Jacinda Russell, Leah Schretenthaler, Harriet Stein, Gordon Stettinius, Alison Turner, Benita VanWinkle and Kelsey Wagner.

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Gallery Location
400 North College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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Wondrous Indeed: Exhibition Preparation Continued

Left to Right:  Julie Simpkins  and  Randhy Rodriguez

Left to Right: Julie Simpkins and Randhy Rodriguez

Julie Simpkins

Julie Simpkins


It gives me great pleasure to announce that this past Wednesday, I finished preparing for my upcoming group exhibition at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado called Wondrous Indeed. The exhibition dates are January 24, 2014 through February 22, 2014. See you there during the first Friday reception on February 7, 2014 from 6-9pm in the main gallery.

I would like to thank Julie Simpkins from Laumont for providing me with excellent customer service.

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The Center for Fine Art Photography: Wondrous Indeed with Phillip Toledano

Randhy Rodriguez made the chosen artist selection

Randhy Rodriguez made the chosen artist selection

The Center for Fine Art Photography (C4FAP) congratulates Randhy Rodriguez for his inclusion in the Wondrous Indeed exhibition. According to C4FAP, there was so much incredible work submitted to this exhibition that selecting fifty images was an incredibly difficult process for Phillip Toledano, Juror.